Technical Specification of Land Based SMART Station

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Antenna Specification
Type Solid Parabolic Aluminium
Diameter 1.5 m
Gain 26.7 dBi at 1700 MHz
Beamwidth 8.2 degrees typical
Aquisition Elevation (10 -6 BER) 1.0 degree
Azimuth Range 720 degrees
Elevation Range 180 degrees
Azimuth and Elevation Peak Torque 170 Nm
Backlash (both axes) 0.15 degrees
Overall positioning Accuracy 0.3 degrees
Azimuth and Elevation Speed 15 deg./sec
Weight 82 kg.
Winds (Survival) 200 km/h.
Winds (Operational) 100 km/h.
Integrated Feed/LNA/Downconverter
RF Input Frecuency 1690-1710 MHz
RF Input Bandwidth 35 MHz
Image Rejection 60 dB typical
Downconverter Gain 45 dB typical
Downconverter Noise Figure 0.8 dB (60 K) typical
IF Output Frecuency 125 - 145 MHz
Power Requirements +12 to +16 VDC @ 500 mA max
Polarization RHCP (Dual RHCP/LHCP optional)
Frecuency Stability +/- 2 KHz typical
IF Output Connector Type "N" Female
Environmental -30 to +60 degrees C
IF Cable Length Up to 100 m.
HRPT Receiver
IF Input Frecuency 120-170 MHz
IF Input Connector BNC Female
Bit Rate DC to 2.5 Mbps
Loop Bandwidth 0.003% to 3.0% of center frecuency
Capture Range 3 x Loop Bandwidth
Image Rejection 60 dB Typical
IF Rejection 60 dB Typical
Adjacent Carrier Rejection 1 dB maximum BER Degradation
Parasitic Interference Rejection 60 dB Typical
Input Level -10 to -30 dBm
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Implementation Loss <= 1 dB
Demodulator Type PSK and BPSK-PLL Demodulator
Output Clock and Data RS-422 (NRZ and Manchester)
Combined Bit/Frame Synchonizer
Input Serial, TTL, RS-422 NRZ or Manchester
Bit rates 5 bps to 2.5 Mbps
Clock recovery DPLL with real time correlator
Insertion of Decryption / Recorder Via 5 channel SMART decryption interface
Data path Selection Automatic via SMARTrack through Bus
Automatic Tracking Range + 12% of specified bit rate
Loop Bandwidth 1.0 % Standard
Bit Error Rate + 1.5 dB of Theoretical
Threshold SNR > 6 dB
Jitter > 1 dB for jitter amplitudes < 1.0% of bit rate
Output 8 to 64-bit words to Workstation Bus
Bus Interface 64-bit PCI Bus

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