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Agrobiodiversity, Ukraine

Changes of agroecosystem surface of Ukraine (see details - pdf 0, 7 ̀b)

This site is intended as an information resource for participants in the agro-biodeversity project for Ukraine. This project is funded by the UNEP-GEF, governments and national partners with major contributions by UK-DEFRA, UK-DFID, UNEP, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swiss Agency for Environment, Forests and Landscapes. Technical guidance has being provided by the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), Cambridge, UK, and the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, the Netherlands.

Latest BINU News & Events

April 2006 -- There was published the second book "Agrobiodiversity of Ukraine: Theory, Methodology, Ind³cators, Examples

September 2005 -- at the beginning of a new academic year, the National Agrarian University published a new manual in Ukrainian - "Soil Science with Fundamental Geology" The publication was enabled by financial support of the UNEP-GEF Project "Biodiversity Indicators for National Use" (BINU), as well as the LLC "Sad"

2005/06/22 -- ULRMC participates in public discussions of the 3rd Draft National Report on Biodiversity Conservation in Ukraine (NR-3) proposing more active use of an indicator-index approach for reporting. As examples there were used the UNEP-GEF BINU Project developments, including materials of the respective Searchable List of Indicators

2005/06/01 -- UNEP-GEF BINU Project Completion Days and Interactive Conference on Indicators and Agrobiodiversity Indication

May 2005 -- DEVOTED TO BIODIVERSITY DAY, 2005. There is being published the book supported by the UNEP-GEF BINU Project in Ukraine, which materials were considered at the 3rd (open) session of the Project Working Group in December, 2004, and were discussed in 2003-2004 at numerous working meetings and during current reporting, as well as at the "National Working Session" (Kyiv, 2004), and the "International Working Meeting of Project Member-Countries" (Yalta, 2004)

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