Agricultural Statistical Project

Ukraine is evolving from a closed economy, emphasizing protection of domestic production through trade barriers, toward a more open economy, emphasizing efficiency and the reduction of market controls. The Presidential decree "On Immediate Measures to Speed Reforms in the Agricultural Sector of the Economy" (No. 1529/99, December 3, 1999) indicated that these changes were going slowly and that the effectiveness of the changes to date was questionable. The transition to a more open economy is a complicated process and the management of the transition procedure is particularly important for the agricultural sector.

In response to these needs and on request of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and State Statistics Committee of Ukraine the ULRMC contracted with the Agricultural Assessments International Corporation (AAIC) to implement an agricultural statistics project designed to test the feasibility of using sampling to collect information on Ukraine's agricultural sector for the purpose of monitoring changes in this sector over time.

Specific goals of the project included:

  • To introduce advanced statistical techniques which meet conditions faced when collecting information on the agricultural sector in Ukraine
  • To train Ukrainian staff in all facets of data collection, management, processing, and summarization
  • To establish a system of agricultural statistics at the oblast level that has credibility and validity (Lviv Oblast Case Study)
  • To identify the necessary prerequisites for the development of an efficient data collection system for agricultural statistics at the oblast and national levels
  • To provide in a timely manner the required information needed to monitor changes in the agricultural sector by farm type - household plots, private farms, and public sector farms
  • At the request of USAID, to collect information which would allow the evaluation of the restructuring effort in support of privatization of large-scale farms (in Lviv Oblast only)

The methodology of this project followed a sequence of steps:

  • Data users' requirements study (DURS)
  • Stratification of Pilot Project site (Lviv Oblast) and multi-oblast sites
  • Selection of Primary Sample Units (PSUs)
  • Preparation and testing of questionnaires and manuals
  • Training courses for enumerators, supervisors and personnel involved in data collection and processing
  • Data collection
  • Data entry, checking and processing
  • Presentation of final data

The general scheme of the project

Under the project, data were collected on over 500 variables, and over 200 tables were generated using the data collected.
These tables are summarized in 5 groups:

  • demographic characteristics,
  • farm structure,
  • farm practices,
  • crop information,
  • livestock information.

To view an example of bilingual tables click here. Statistical data and results of its analysis could be visualized on the demand of potential customers.

Tables show the principal findings from two surveys conducted in July and November 1999 providing information on:

  • Land use
  • Estimates for area planted with various crops
  • Crop production/sales/barter
  • Dairy production/sales/barter)
  • Livestock holdings
  • Farm practices and agricultural equipment
  • Agricultural inputs (fertilizers, chemicals, etc.)
  • Socio-economic data (education, age structure of rural population, etc.)
  • Information on privatization progress

Project results

Statistical database, developed as a result of Project, was used by governmental organizations to improve existing statistical data. This database also provides marketing information for private and collective farm managers, who are trying to successfully compete in the world economy, and social institutions, that wish to have valid credible data on the rural sector of Ukraine. Successful implementation of 1999 Agricultural Statistical Survey demonstrated the ULRMC ability in statistical data improvement and informational support of agrarian sector of Ukrainian economy.

Final Report on Agricultural Statistical Project 1999 you can find here (in *.pdf format).

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