Use of SeaWiFS data

The important characteristics of marine area include a water turbidity and color. Main factors forming these characteristics are: phytoplankton, non-organic suspension and dissolved organic substances. At the same time these factors are clear features of ecological condition of marine areas and their biological productivity. SeaWiFS data allow indicate the contents and concentrations of ingredients in marine water.

Abnormal Phytoplankton Bloom Changes in the Black Sea

The image demonstrates an anomalous spatial distribution of sea surface brightness coefficient caused by an intensive coccolithophores bloom. Coccolithofores represent a type of phytoplankton possessing calcium carbonate platelets (coccoliths). Predominance of those phytoplankton species results in significant changes in particle scattering properties, which in turn effect the water leaving radiance observed by satellite sensors.

Vegetation index

The density of earth surface vegetation cover can be estimated, using the vegetation index value. SeaWiFS data allow us to calculate an atmospherically resistant vegetation index (ARVI). Vegetation index dynamic observations allows to control a yield development in the agriculture, forest cover condition, etc.

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