Data Applications Using Landsat Images


This Landsat 4 TM image shows a region of the Crimean Peninsula (Southern Ukraine). The image is a mosaic of six Landsat 4 TM scenes collected in the course of 1988. Each scene was geocoded to remove the geometric distortions inherent in the original TM data, radiometrically balanced to remove seasonal and atmospheric variations, and mosaicked to provide one continuous image of the entire region. The final mosaic was improved with an edge enhancement technique. The image is a color-infrared composite of TM bands 7 (mid-infrared), 4 (near-infrared) and 1 (blue).


This map shows the results of classifying a Landsat 5 TM image for the Dnipropetrovsk Region (Central Ukraine) from September 14, 1994. Classification involves the process of sorting pixels into a finite number of individual classes based on their data file values and a certain set of criteria. Classes must be associated with known features on the ground. This classified image illustrates land cover showing water, vegetation, forest, bare land, pasture, urban settings, etc.

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