September 24, 2010

On September 24, 2010 in the National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) the Round table "Threats of the Ukraine National Security in environmental and technogenetics sphere: the state and tendencies" took place. During the discussion was especially marked the impossibility of national security providing without maintenance of natural ecosystems and unexhausting use of natural resources. The range of issues was outlined and the ways of their solution were proposed.

The representatives of public authorities, political parties, ungovernmental organizations, scientists and analysts, representatives of mass medias were engaged in the discussions. The ULRMC General Director Oleksandr Kolodyazhnyy was among the invited. In his speech he marked the necessity of the state ecological monitoring system improvement on the base of technologies of the remote sensing of Earth, GIS, and increase of its informative ability in relation to determination and warning of emergencies. From the point of view of providing national security of Ukraine, for forecasting, supervising the development of emergencies and estimation of their consequences there is a necessity in creation of informative space, perfection of interdepartmental exchange by information and providing of access to this information. For the decision of these tasks Oleksandr Kolodyazhnyy offered to expedite the creation of the national infrastructure of geospatial information.

More details concerning the discussions and materials of the Round table you can find here.

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