January 2005

ULRMC has developed the first in Ukraine Searchable system of agrobiodiversity indicators and indexes (SSABII) using indicators fact sheets (IFSs) developed by member-countries of the UNEP-GEF BINU Project. Till now, IFSs have not been used by Ukrainian ecologists. But IFS examples can be found in documents of the Convention on Biological Diversity (see UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/9/INF/7, 14 October 2003). While developing the SSABII, the biodiversity indicators searchable system of the European Thematic Centre for Biodiversity was used (ETCBD-EIONET) as an idea, in which indicators are complied in the following groups: "Driving Forces" (D), "Pressure" (P), "Status" (S), "Impact" (I), "Response" (R).

In the BINU project's SSABII, indicators and indexes are additionally distributed by six key questions (KQs). SSABII contains more than 50 IFSs, including those which are absolutely new for the national environmental school, in particular: Natural Capital Index (NCI), Living Planet Index (LPI). The authors have proposed also some new indexes and indicators, which are based on national experience, and which could be interesting for other countries: Composite index of agrobiodiversity (agrobioresource), RDB-index, Soil condition: humus, Protected agricultural areas: agricultural areas inside of protected areas etc. Where it is possible, detailed IFSs are supported with maps. For this purpose, ULRMC has developed a special GIS with usage of ArcMap9 software. SSABII specially highlights the indicators and indexes important for support of the actions aimed at reaching the goal "2010" (to achieve by 2010 a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national level as a contribution to poverty alleviation ant to the benefit of all life on earth), and which is ULRMC's contribution to the campaign on implementing decisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The BINU project specialized web-site on agrobiodiversity has also been replenished with the Interactive Map of Species-indicators Areas (insects, plants, birds, mammals) associated with agroecosystems of Ukraine, and which is represented in the form of natural agricultural zoning components, as well as the Interactive Map of Land Reform progress in Ukraine.

You can get introduced to the common report of the BINU project member-countries on indicators development experience - Experience and Guidance Report - on the web-site of UNEP-WCMC. ULRMC is working on the fact that in future IFSs could be used for semiautomatic remote compiling of target reports on biodiversity status, as well as modeling, such as, for instance, GLOBIO etc., and with respective usage of the SSABII.

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