February 10, 2005

ULRMC Representative and Project Manager of "Biodiversity Indicators for National Use" (BINU) project, V. Prydatko, Ph.D. in Biology, participated in hearings and presentation of BINU Project results during the 10-th session of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the Convention on Biodiversity which took place on February 7-11, 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was already the second presentation for SBSTTA delegates, which had been initiated and organized by the BINU Project member countries since 2003.

The representatives of the national teams of the BINU Project (Kenya, Philippines, Ecuador, and Ukraine), as well as donors' representatives from Great Britain and the Netherlands, from UNEP-WCMC and RIVM, reported on the most interesting results and lessons obtained. The special booklet "Biodiversity Indicators for National Use: Approaches and Experience" containing a CD with examples of indicator descriptions (Indicator Fact Sheets, IFS) was disseminated among the participants. The package of examples included those helping to forecast a situation till 2010, which is one of the Convention priorities for today. The representatives of the Convention Secretariat, many governmental and non-governmental organizations attended the hearings.

V. Prydatko presented project result examples achieved by Ukraine, including those on an active bilingual search system for indicators related to agrobiodiversity, which is placed on the ULRMC web-site. This search system is a technical input of ULRMC to the development of indicators and their systematization, including compiling different reports on biodiversity status, improvement of remote users' access to the IFSs, as well as promoting information and opinions exchange. All interested users of biodiversity and agrobiodiversity information may participate in improvement and filling the search system in future.

Examples of publications on biodiversity of Ukraine with indicators used are placed on the ULRMC web-site.

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