Imagery Archive

SeaWiFS and AVHRR Imagery Archive

Since its founding, ULRMC has been creating an archive of satellite imagery that can be used for addressing important issues in Ukraine. The archive is comprised of two main parts. First, there are SeaWiFS and AVHRR satellite images acquired by the HRPT Station at ULRMC in Kyiv. Up to five such images are acquired on a daily basis at ULRMC.

Landsat Imagery Archive

Second, the ULRMC archive contains higher-resolution Landsat imagery that ULRMC has purchased or otherwise acquired for use in various projects. ULRMC houses the only higher-resolution collection of Landsat images covering all of Ukraine. The images were mostly acquired by Landsat satellites in the summer of 1988 and are extremenly useful in different applications.

Image Gallery

Additionally, you can access the Imagery Gallery that ULRMC is creating from SeaWiFS and AVHRR images.

Ordering Raw Images

Should you have an interest in ordering archived NOAA, SeaStar or Landsat raw images, or if you have an interest in specific applications being undertaken with any of the raw images, please contact ULRMC at .

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