Main Scope of Activities

ULRMC is meeting the challenge of fulfilling its mission by operating as a "Center of Excellence" to:

  • Provide a technical resource to assist existing institutions and organizations in their efforts to enhance the economy and to improve the quality of life in Ukraine and in the region;
  • Provide technical leadership to increase the availability, utility, and domestic and international exchange of geographic data to stimulate economic activity;
  • Promote remote sensing and GIS technologies to generate public and commercially valuable programs and products;
  • Assist Ukraine and other countries in ecological monitoring and mitigation of the consequences of the Chornobyl and other natural and men-made disasters; and
  • Provide training for students, scientists, engineers, technicians and others interested in promoting and using remote sensing and GIS technologies.

Applying digital mapping, remote sensing and GIS technologies, the ULRMC provides information products and decision support systems needed to:

  • Detect environmental contamination on land and water
  • Emergency planning and management
  • Produce digital topographic, geologic and other data
  • Monitor crop production and support agribusiness
  • Plan transportation development and
  • Plan telecommunication systems development

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Environmental Management and Stewardship
Emergency Response and Planning
Natural Resources Stewardship
Capital Investments
Infrastructure Development
Land Use and Planning
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