The Ukrainian Land and Resource Management Center (ULRMC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established through the joint efforts of the Environmental and Resources Research Institute of Ukraine (ERRIU) and Altarum -- formerly the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) -- in the U.S.

ULRMC's mission is to use remote sensing, digital mapping, geographic information systems and other information technologies to assist government and private decision makers in Ukraine and throughout the region. ULRMC activity is focused on resolving issues related to agribusiness, environmental management, natural resources stewardship, emergency response, capital investments, infrastructure development, privatization, and land use and planning. Since its founding as a Ukrainian scientific and technological NGO in January 1999, ULRMC has continually promoted the importance of sharing data and information in Ukraine and abroad.

Despite its relatively short existence, ULRMC is already:

  • Serving as a technical resource and a provider of decision support that enables institutions and organizations to focus their efforts on enhancing the economic situation in Ukraine;
  • Providing technical leadership to increase the availability, utility, and seamless domestic and international exchange of geographic data to stimulate economic activity;
  • Promoting the remote sensing and GIS private market through the formation of spin-off companies; and
  • Using satellite imagery, Ukrainian aircraft and remote sensing assets to generate commercially viable programs.

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