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The International Association "Ukrainian Land and Resource Management Center" (ULRMC) is one of the first non-profit, non-governmental scientific and technical organizations in Ukraine, which was founded in January 1999 by the Institute of National Security Problems (INSP) (former Environmental and Resources Research Institute of Ukraine) under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDCU), and US Altarum Institute (former Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM)) according to grants of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The main founders/members of ULRMC now are INSP, Satellite Center for Regional Operations SA (SCOR, Poland), Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc. (SKE, Canada), etc.

ULRMC's objectives include applying remote sensing (RS), digital mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), and other information technologies data to support rendering public and private sector decisions, both in Ukraine and the region. For the time its operation, ULRMC implemented more than 50 projects in areas of environmental management, nature resources preservation, disaster mitigation and response, agricultural business, land use, forestry etc. Activities performing process included such customers and partners as Ukrainian ministers and departments (NSDCU, Ministry for Environmental Protection, Ministry of Emergencies, State Water Management Committee, State Committee for Forestry etc.), and foreign ones as well (USAID, USGS, UNDP, GEF, UNEP-WCMC, TACIS, etc.).

Main advantages of ULRMC include the following:

  • Availability of contacts and general notoriety in USA, Europe etc.
  • Ability to hold negotiations, prepare proposals, perform financial accounting etc. according to western requirements and standards
  • Experience in successful implementation of international grants and Ukrainian contracts
  • Support by different ministries and departments of Ukraine due to performed activities and provided assistance
  • Availability of activity results in different areas, a great archive of RS data - up to 3000 images of medium, high and very high resolution, a great number of regularly obtained data of low resolution, as well as mapping, in situ data etc.
  • Detailed water ecology and water economy information (data bases, maps, etc.) for Ukrainian big river basins combined in information systems.

ULRMC is able to provide the following services:

  • Development of RS and GIS applications
  • Development of large information systems based on geospatial data
  • Scientific research in environmental protection, nature resources preservation etc.
  • Consultations on ULRMC's activities subject-matter
  • Arranging expeditions and field trips
  • Holding training, workshops etc.

ULRMC is equipped with modern hardware and software for processing RS data (ERDAS Imagine, PCI Geomatika), GIS data (ArcInfo, ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcIMS), etc.

ULRMC's staff is represented by 24 persons, including scientists, RS, GIS and Internet technologies specialists, programmers, and experts in environmental and nature resources issues, finance, as well as technical and administrative personnel.

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